Does Not Exist Any More

When I read headlines that various countries are NOT going to war, I wonder what they are talking about. Countries that seriously consider war rarely advertise the fact; it is to neither their tactical nor strategic advantage to tip their hand.

That makes recent headlines that China is considering war with US (yes, the U.S.!) even more perplexing?

Certainly there’s at least a bit of saber-rattling involved. People think that by airing their errant thoughts they can unsettle the other guys, and perhaps gain advantage in some arena, without all the dangers and costs associated with taking military actions.

That is an interesting but dangerous path to follow. It is like a feint; you can see by the reaction what might follow. But, it might lead to a counter feint, which likely leads both sides into unintended territory.

So why ever talk out loud about war, which is more likely to get you into trouble than not?

Instead, why not talk about mutual COMPETING interests and see whether there are positive benefits to be found for both sides by pursuing them rather than going to war which always ends badly for all concerned.

When we think about these questions this way today, more often than not, we can avoid ill-considered conflicts and slowly march forward, making progress all around.

I suspect that now you are nodding your head (if you have come this far) and asking yourself –OF COURSE, where is he headed?

I am headed to home base.

A wise man – Lincoln –said a long time ago that ‘united we stand, divided we fall’. Boy was he ever right.

At the core of what he meant was the simple truth that what we have in common is much more important than that on which we disagree.

Therefore, instead of talking about fighting, let’s talk about the peace and prosperity we all desire. While we may have some differences about HOW to get there, we can productively find that, by simply having the conversation, we are making our lives better, happier, and lovelier!


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