Now What?

Who can we kick around?

For what?

For fun!

You gotta be kidding?!

If the former president were not such a crazy idiot, the last four years might have been even more intolerable – and ruinous. At least he gave us an easy target for ridicule, and although it gathered us into two warring camps, it has become an inspiration—of sorts.

Wouldn’t it have been nice to kick Hillary around some more? She certainly deserved it for delivering a nightmare onto our nation.

But that did not happen.

Now, we have a decent, smart, experienced and worthy man at the helm. He will not be easy to complain about, even if we wanted to.

But we do need a target for complaints because we have become used to getting stuff off our chests.

Perhaps we should turn against Bernie Sanders, so that Joe Biden won’t have to.

Bernie is a dyed in the wool panderer who could make Biden’s job tougher by pushing his supporters on the left to complain about merely left-of-center proposals.

On the other hand, if we start kicking Bernie around he’ll get tangled up protecting himself from middle of the road Democrats. That might enable Biden to get his program through a narrowly controlled Congress more swiftly and easily.

Yup, that is THE answer. Bernie is the guy to kick around!

Some of you may think this idea isn’t funny.

And you may be right.

But, you should also know that this convoluted thinking is how many good (and bad) ideas arise.

We have to be careful in life NOT to take ourselves too seriously.

When we want to get somewhere, the route frequently is through places we don’t want to be.

So, we have to be very careful not to confuse ourselves and our friends.

Sorry, Bernie: you are a waypoint to nowhere!


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