Honey Moon?

Funny Moon!

Recently I overheard a middle-aged man say to a woman who appeared to be his partner that he wished their life today could be more like their honeymoon. His partner quickly replied: “Some honeymoon, honey –more like a funny moon!”

Would that life should be a perpetual honeymoon for people of all ages! Housebound for a year now, we have all kinds of time for honeymoon shenanigans; unfortunately, threats to democracy and human health have robbed many of inspiration and desire.

It would appear that whoever planned these cycles of the human condition was not paying enough attention to the details.

If the struggles of democracy and pandemics had been dealt with separately at different times and in different ways, perhaps everyone might have learned more and better.  Instead, we’ve been confronted for much of the past year by both crises. When they get stirred together like a martini, though, they threaten our very existence, because we are not recreating, advancing, or retaliating against enemies. Instead, we’re consumed by anxiety – for loved ones, for ourselves, for our country.

It is helpful –as long as we are talking about moons –to remember that the ‘new’ moon phase is followed by inspiring partial moons, each advancing inexorably toward the full moon.

As we are waiting to hear from our cousins from somewhere in our galaxy, we need to remind ourselves that we are not in this alone and that we need to keep on expanding our population!

Honey, move over – you’ve got all the covers!


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