Past vs. Present

Is THAT what stands between us?

I am desperately searching for insights into how we came to where we are today with the country pretty much split down the middle.

The big question is not unity for its own sake, which by itself is not really a goal. Unity as an abstraction takes us nowhere because people rarely care about abstractions.

So, what does/will it take to get most of us back on perhaps a few pages we can all pretty much appreciate and reunite around?

When thinking about with the causes of our de-unification, we have run through a lot of empty ideas. Deplorables was one — though it was only an excuse. Education or lack thereof explains some others. Money and/or lack of it –perhaps. Interest in the greater world beyond one’s own street is important.

I hope you can see where I was headed, because I have begun to run out of realistic ideas that, even IF IMPORTANT, just might help explain the basic sources of our de-unification.

The time has come to look at TIME.

Past versus Future.

“The good old days” have always been quite appealing because memory has an amazing way of filtering out “the bad old days.”

The future, on the other hand, holds promises, which may be where disunification originates. My future is more important to ME than your future. Many people assume that if the other guy’s futures are going to be good, it must be at their own expense. So, they BOTH must promote themselves and put brakes on the other guy.

And, though we often forget, we are always living on the cutting edge of past vs. present.

If my analysis is anywhere near right, the combination of past vs. present and the differences we inevitably have as a diversified social system are what have made reunifying, just like in the good old days, so difficult.

Therefore, we need to weave the time perspective together with our inevitable differences to find new ways of coming back together as in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!


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