My Friend in Space

Keeps me posted.

Not surprisingly my friend in space, jasdlk (the closest translation I can muster), is just as curious about me as I am about – well, we haven’t discussed gender, so I’ll use “they/them.” I know they are curious because the questions from my interstellar correspondent include how we have babies here. It turns out that, in that world, the old story parents here used to tell their kids about being brought to them by storks is TRUE!

jasdlk appears to be a space scientist whose goal is to transmit information at greater than the speed of light. They think that would close a lot of gaps in our knowledge about the universe. jasdlk also claims their world is close to achieving light-speed travel by hitching rides on photons. But that information is so sensitive that they cannot go into details. Interesting hmmmmm?

When I press jasdlk about what came before the big bang, I get some tantalizing gobbledygook about how there was never “a” big bang; rather, there have been endless bangs forever as one black hole after another gobbles up chunks of the universe and then spits it out into the multiverse.

I have asked my friend jasdlk how many others there are on their planet. The answer always comes back – ‘it depends.’ I struggle to find what it depends on and the answers are all over the place: the time, the temperature, neighborhood happenings – even the outcome of sporting events there seem to influence the matter somehow.

I have tried to explain the subject of language. But jasdlk doesn’t get it. They simply say you ‘look into the rear eye and see/hear everything in the other brain.’ Huh?

I have tried to share these ideas with astronomers and astrologists – they have doubted my reports and questioned my sanity (surprise, surprise) – though they accept the idea that there must be something out there.

I have tried to get them on my wavelength. But their ability to stay on always seems to be distracted by a new flash of radio signals.

I tell them that they need more curiosity AND imagination.

I invite those curious souls, from whatever galaxy they call home, to join me in imagining the lives of our interstellar neighbors.


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