Or Not.

Why do we care?

Because we must plan ahead.

Rain on a wedding day brings tears, costs — even divorces.

Endless sun after crops are planted leads to drought and starvation.

Why aren’t we able to harness the weather into a more predictable process?

Of course, that might get boring — and deprive billions of a fallback subject for conversations that have dwindled to awkward silence.

After that, it might get contentious with political parties fighting and defending different forms of weather to make their constituents happy. (In a way, of course, this is already happening, with climate-change deniers favoring a hellscape of perpetual severe weather extremes.)

Finally, people would invent – then immediately start fiddling with – personal weather dials.  Unpredictable conflicts would begin to emerge when one person’s tropical paradise confronted another’s winter wonderland, wreaking havoc on morning commutes, dinner plans and the planet itself.

The weather is a way for nature to keep us humans in line. So, there will never be direct choices in weather – no “sunny day” on order. Given our predilection for extinction, that is almost certainly for the best.


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