Endless Loop

No Beginning or End

Scientists are beginning to understand and believe that there was no ONE big bang from whence we began!

For me that is easier to understand and believe than before THE big bang there was NOTHING.

Nothing is inconsistent with all aspects of ‘our’ universe. That fits comfortably even with the big spaces between stars (suns) planets and the rest of us.

Therefore, it begins to be possible to grasp that we humans are part of the same endless loop and its rules.

So, where are we now?

We are somewhere between when and where humans got so ‘smart’ that they almost ruined the chances to find what they really wanted.

Reflect on that for a moment.

What did/do humans really want?

Peace and prosperity!

How does that parse with the anger and fear that has been percolating growth for a decade at least?

The Trump period was built on the idea of white supremacy, which pitched to their believers that only if their white world prevailed could/would they find their peace and prosperity.

Their problem is that they overlooked ALL those non-whites, who reasonably have the same aims for peace and prosperity.

Thus, the question shifts to where we are on the endless loop in which all humans are struggling for the same thing.

The endless loop concept speaks loudly to me that the lesson for life today is to go with the flow in which ALL humans get their chances for more peace and prosperity and not to single out any clan for special treatment.

If EVERYONE ultimately sees that more peace and prosperity  for everyone, means more peace and prosperity for them too, we may turn a corner.

Short cuts are just that. They are short and they cut YOU out!


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