Thinking Straight

Is Essential to Thinking Right

There is so much going on in our modern world, with so many dimensions of expression, that it should not be a surprise that we often meet ourselves coming around the corners of life.

When we bump into ourselves, or our neighbors (who resemble ourselves), we often think we can and do understand each other.

Despite appearances, we often quickly discover that we do NOT understand each other. We may even turn out to despise each other.

That never can be a good start to a productive relationship.

To think straight, we must be able to work from a common body of recognized understanding. Reciting the alphabet, for example, requires a shared agreement on the number, order and names of the letters; Similarly, imagine the chaos of every financial transaction if there was no clear understanding of “one dollar!”

If we cannot think straight, we will not be able to think “right” – meaning wisely.

Straight thinking is not just honest thinking or common facts; it is taking all the aspects of life in a straight line and dealing with them as they are and as they require.

Today with social media, and all it has become, it is much more difficult to do that because we are being assaulted — by wildly cockeyed thinking — from so many directions at the same time.

So, the answer to these dilemmas is keep reminding ourselves that we first must think straight, so that right thinking can follow.

We cannot and should not assume, or hope, that society will do that for us. It cannot and will not.

We alone are responsible for straight and wise/right thinking!


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