Oh, S%#t – I Never Tried Facebook

Have you ever wondered what might go on in your head when your time comes and your remaining hours and minutes are likely to be very short?

I assure you Facebook would NOT be on my mind. I have never been on it. I think it and most of social media have been ripping at the fabric of the world.

So, what WOULD be on my mind?

That game of tennis decades ago when I was about to win one lousy game against my friend Dick Savitt who was then the world’s best everything in tennis.

That momentary flirtation with Sophia Loren in a bar in the South of France. Oh, what that might have been like.

That feeling of adrenaline coursing through my veins as I outran a police car in my Lancia Spyder.

That moment at the last turn in the slalom ski race —when I almost lost control –but recovered—and lost the race by 1 second.

The landing of my first (and only) parachute jump, with my instructor in a two-man chute, from 4,200 feet high. I was told to take 3 steps like at the bottom of stairs when we hit the ground AND IT WORKED PERFECTLY!!!

The receipt on finishing law school of my record 85 in estate planning – when a straight A was normally 75.

The moment in the White House Oval Office when I was saying adieu to President Carter. He said, “I wish you could have stayed longer.” I thought, but did not say, “if you had said that earlier, we might not have ended it now.”

The time in my twenties I was riding in an open convertible with a close friend. He VERY nearly collided with a large truck. A few moments later he said, “I think I smell s%#t?” I replied, “No kidding – I am sitting in it. SLOW DOWN!”


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