Earth’s Orbit

Seems to be jiggling?

The last few thousand years of the evolution of nature and humanity have been relatively smooth, with understanding among humans steadily increasing. 

Now suddenly we’ve switched to less and worse understanding. We do nothing but look for what we don’t like in others or, if we’re feeling generous, what we can get out of them. 

What could be happening? And what can we do about it? 

We know as a scientific fact that global warming is increasing and is likely to bring with it massive changes — some terrible, some merely bad, virtually no good — in man’s existence.  

We know that survival of the fittest is a bedrock truth of science that is especially hard on weaker or oppressed people. 

When humans are faced with large-scale reduction in population or resources, they tend to protect themselves by attacking their competitors. 

Hence, we are all complete for less and less. 

This process is insidious and has less to do with our wobbly orbit than our misuse of limited resources. 

Thus, perhaps for the first time since the beginning of human history, the world is facing a period of reduction — less than before, shared among ever more people. 

And, as when we are in a line at a store waiting to get mittens at the approach of winter and we can see the pile of mittens rapidly shrinking, we try to become creative in getting people to give up waiting in line! 

We have been accustomed to using our fellow man to get more for ourselves. 

Now we seem to be learning how get our fellow humans out of our way. 

And, though most of us probably deny this, we do it out of innate selfishness to enhance our own opportunity and security. 

Therefore, we should study in detail and illuminate the reality that the right solution is to be more creative overall, rather than seek to increase our share of a smaller pie. 

That is not an impossible goal if it seen as a productive AND realistic one! 


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