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Why another blog site?

I have been happily blogging since 2008 on the site of the Huffington Post. I believe I wrote over 200 posts on many topics, ideas and interests. Over that time I have learned a lot and apparently caught the interest of quite a few people beyond my own rolodex. I have tried in most cases to make a point, inform and occasionally amuse and arouse interest in others.

The blogging world has grown like topsy and the rules of the road have also evolved. Recently Huffington Post decided to play censor when they first put up and then the next day took down a piece I did on the Trump issues. They said they were not running Trump pieces because they regarded them as only entertainment—some entertainment! Then they ran an excellent critical piece by their own Senior Editor Howard Fineman.

They have been unwilling to entertain any conversation about their inconsistencies. Apparently they somewhat hubristically believe that if THEY ignore Trump he will simply in due course go away. Perhaps if all the press did that he might go away. In the meanwhile his forest fire seems to grow and spread. I think they have a duty to their readers and the whole country to put all views out for everyone to see and have informed judgments. But, they own the proverbial “ink” in their editing process–ironically the press depends on the 1st Amendment but does not mind abusing it, if that suits their thinking.

Therefore, I have decided to go it alone, as I really never needed their imprimatur, though at the outset it was convenient because of their infrastructure for a blog.

Now that I am a well-established blogger [in the sense that something “published” in the internet is effectively published for the world to see, if it wishes], I prefer not to be associated with a firm that has displayed such poor journalistic judgement in keeping views about Trump out of their offerings to the public.

My style, spirit, interest and humor will continue to be eclectic, unpredictable and I hope readable and enjoyable.

I have no expectations about feedback but do enjoy the handfuls of comments that most of my posts engender.

Tally Ho to independence!

Frank Weil is the Chairman of Abacus and Associates, Inc., a private investment firm in New York, NY. From October 1979 – June 1983 he was a senior partner of the Washington law firms of Ginsburg, Feldman, Weil and Bress, chartered and Wald Harkrader and Ross. Mr. Weil headed the International Trade Administration of the United States Department of Commerce from 1977 – 1979. He was Chairman of the Finance Committee and Chief Financial Officer of the investment firm of Paine, Webber Inc. from 1972 – 1977.

Mr. Weil has served on the for-profit boards of directors of MirrorWorldsTechnologies,SyVox Corporation, Exxel Container, Inc.; Geico Corp.; Paine Webber, Inc.; Cambridge Royalty, Inc.; Dorr-Oliver, Inc.; Hamburg Savings Bank, NYC; J.B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia and Victory Mutual Funds, Cleveland.

Mr. Weil was a Trustee and Vice Chair of The Asia Society in New York City and was Chairman and a member of the National Board of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. Mr. Weil is a member of the Century Association and Harvard Club (both in New York City) and the Metropolitan Club (Washington, D.C.).

In not-for-profit activities, Mr. Weil has also served on the boards of directors of the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, the Center for National Policy, as Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Atlantic Institute for International Affairs and Inform. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. Mr. Weil served on the Board of Directors of the Council for Excellence in Government from 1982 – present and was Chairman from 1988 – 1993.

He is a director and President of Hickrill Foundation and Treasurer of the Norman Foundation. He was President of the Education Alliance (NYC); a trustee of Montefiore Hospital and Albert Einstein Medical School (NYC); Teachers College/Columbia University, and Hurricane Island Outward Bound School (Maine); Trustee and Vice Chairman of Northern Westchester Hospital; Trustee and Chairman of the Board of the Harvey School, Katonah, New York; Trustee and Secretary of the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York. Mr. Weil served on the Visiting Committee of the John F. Kennedy School of Government and Committee on University Resources at Harvard from 1972 – 1998. He was a member of the Advisory Board at the School for Advanced International Studies, John Hopkins University.

In the field of public policy, Mr. Weil served as Chairman of the Committee on Taxation of the New York State Economic Development Board from 1975 – 1977, and Chairman of the New York State Board of Equalization and Assessment from 1976 – 1977. In 1986 he served on the New York State Advisory Commission on Liability Insurance and has served on Governor Cuomo’s New York State Council on Fiscal and Economic Priorities and its sub-committee on New York City Transit.

Mr. Weil was born on February 14, 1931 in Bedford, New York. He graduated cum laude from Harvard College in 1953 and from Harvard Law School in 1956. He is domiciled in Wilson, Wyoming and maintains residences there and in New York City, Washington, DC and Stonington, Maine. He has been married to the former Denie Sandison since 1951. They have four children, nine grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.


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