A Take on Obama’s Speech

Obama and Af/Pac Speech—a risky but utterly brilliant solution

Despite weeks of leaks and speculation there was a REAL surprise in the President’s speech, which was “move in and out FAST!!”-Obviously there is a lot of risk in that plan. But there may have been greater risk in any other plan.

The really brilliant part of his carefully reasoned plan was his recognition, through the fog and confusion of that war, that to avoid getting mired down, he had to lay down a clear, short, firm time table. Otherwise, they would simply continue to rely on us to do the heavy lifting [complaining all the while about our presence] thus creating the self fulfilling prophecy of an open-ended occupation.

And, as for the Taliban and Al Qaeda, if they choose to see this Plan as weakness that they can wait out, inevitably that will open an even better opportunity for our CIA and Special Forces to have a real turkey shoot.

Basically he said to the region “either get your stuff together fast and succeed on your own or you will face the consequences alone.”

Remember, nothing concentrates the mind like a hanging.

Let’s hope they all get it!!