Memorable Baseball Moments

The 5th game of this year’s World Series was an amazing experience. No doubt this year’s GNP, lost a couple of basis points due the lengthy contest, which surely shortened Monday’s workday by about a couple of hours of millions of sleepy Americans .

The springy, slippery new baseballs may have had something to do with how incredible Sunday’s game was. But doughty players determined to make a difference was the ultimate cause of its excellence.

However, as very few who saw Sunday night’s game through to the end were alive in 1951, let’s relive the contest between the New York Giants and the Brooklyn Dodgers in the final playoff game for the National League pennant.

The Giants were at bat behind by two runs in the bottom of the 9th inning. There were two runners on base, with two outs, and Bobby Thompson was at bat with the great Ralph Branca pitching. The count got to 3 and 2 and the odds at that moment that the Giants could win were 5,765,843,242 against. Branca threw and Thompson swung and the ball left the park completely.

Giants WON! At 5-4.

It took over 50 years for enough people to not ever know or forget that moment, and now we have an equally memorable game to stimulate interest in baseball for another 100 years!

Diamonds are FOREVER!


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