Another Kennedy

Last night Joe Kennedy III gave a speech which easily rivalled anything his grandfather—Robert—or great-uncle John ever gave.

He looks the part of a President. He is clean-cut, attractive, and immaculately composed. In addition, he had the wit and judgment to get the right help. His State of the Union rebuttal—so often an afterthought—actually woke me up after I had fallen asleep while Trump droned on.

See Jennifer Rubin’s review in The Washington Post and watch/read the speech itself at Politico.

Here’s to a talented young man in his early years of what now may be an illustrious career!

(By the way my last blog about Armageddon, which was intended as parodic humor, elicited from a majority of respondents pleasure. There were unfortunately, however, a few who thought I was genuinely predicting doomsday. To those I apologize. My lesson is that one person’s humor can be another person’s bad dream!)


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