Recently we have been relearning, despite decades of experience, that what goes up also goes down.

Despite Trump’s attempt to stimulate the economy a year ago with a tax cut for his supporters and the very rich, the economy of late, and financial markets, have been stumbling in quite an ominous way.

This has led to some mumblings among analysts and investors that IF we are inevitably going to have a recession, let’s get on with it so that we can also get on with the inevitable recovery.

Strange things are stirring in our world which many people regard as worrisome particularly with regard to confidence in the basics of our economic/financial process.

Confidence is the essential base for consumers to buy –particularly big ticket items like cars and houses—out of fear that their ability to pay off debt incurred may be adversely effected by future changes in employment levels and the effect of that on their wages.

Confidence in the future is at the root of our democratic, market society. That confidence has been eroded by many serious political uncertainties largely brought on by Trump and many of his misguided policies in regard to international trade, budget deficits and other risks around the world.

The Trump ‘game’ is slowly grinding its way to a conclusion.

Therefore, this is as good a time as any to get on with the inevitable recession to pave the way for a post Trump recovery!


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