Add-On: A Messianic Man vs A Savvy Woman

An add-on suggested by a Republican friend. See below.

The Trump Pelosi standoff is whacky.

She rightly fears he has discovered political sex by bargaining with the jobs of 800,000 bystander government employees for something unrelated but politically important to him.

He probably rightly fears that if he ‘caves’ his racist, isolationist base might largely abandon him.

Her position on the substance of the WALL is both right –and he knows it—and supported by a large majority of the American people and most likely by both houses of Congress.

They both ought to be able to agree as follows:

  1. In the future there cannot/will not be any shutdown of government, if either house disagrees with a simple majority vote.
  2. There will be $2.5 billion more for border security; of which up to $1.5 billion cannot be used for any form of fixed barrier but can be used by other forms of border protection as determined by experts.
  3. The DACA protective provisions will be extended for five years with a promise to seek a permanent resolution through a comprehensive immigration plan within that period of time.
  4. All furloughed government employees will immediately be paid all their back pay whether they worked or not.

It may be an imperfect plan BUT it should allow both sides to save face and get the innocents out of the middle as well as get a start on some other critical issues?


Also, agree to $5 billion overall for border security (agents, monitoring, interdiction, and yes a physical barrier in some places designated by experts), as long as the funding bill includes the following two provisions:

1) the Special Counsel shall prepare and make public a copy of the report he submits to the Attorney General, making redactions only when the Special Counsel, in his complete discretion, deems doing so in the national interest; and

2) If the special counsel is fired, then all the files, papers, reports, and other books and records of the special counsel shall be immediately turned over to the House and Senate oversight committees.


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