That one deplorable word lost the 2016 Presidential election.

And that same deplorable word is at the root of today’s Impeachment debate!

And, that word also describes the essence of a colossal revolution brewing in our democratic country.

We must face up to the issue honestly and frankly. And we must develop a practical strategy and tactics to defuse and deflect the problem, if we’re to get back on our 200-year track record toward a lasting democracy with a diverse population which shares liberty and respect for all in common!

When Hillary Clinton used the word ‘deplorables’ to describe her opponents in 2016, she stupidly and inadvertently revealed that she saw herself ABOVE the rest of the world. It was an attitude apparent in other ways – most famously her use of a private email server. Though Clinton was never, in my opinion, truly an elite in the best sense of that word, she has long sought to flaunt her status and privileges as if she were.

Hillary’s deplorable “deplorables” comment cemented in the minds of many who would ultimately vote for Trump the stereotype of elites looking down their noses at “middle America.” Today there are literally tens of millions of Americans who believe that most politicians and elites think of them the same way as Hillary let slip.

Hillary’s comment literally pushed these people into Donald Trump’s hands, where they’ve firmly stayed despite … everything. Even today, Trump’s support among Republicans exceeds his support during the 2016 Republican primaries. Most Republicans loathed him, but he managed to emerge from a crowded field. Hillary’s tongue took care of the rest.

But whatever the political ramifications of Clinton’s remark, when 300 plus million people start to split over who in America is deplorable and who is admirable, big dangers lurk in the cracks that our democracy is beginning to show.

We can NOT allow her state of mind to take over our world today simply because she was NOT elected. And it’s quite possible that Hillary’s superiority complex might have been as bad for the country (albeit in different ways) as Trump’s inferiority complex has proven to be.

My suggestion on how to deal with this new obviously deplorable problem is that we must ALL get openly angry with Hillary. The fact is, most elites today DEPLORE her because she was and is so selfish and wrong. 

We should show how we feel by appearing to lock our arms in unity and say, “Hillary was never speaking for us!!” and pass that message with appropriate photos around that point.

Now, together we must take our country back from the man who IS the epitome of deplorable, who also has a dangerous inferiority complex to make it even worse.


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