Think It Can’t Get Worse?

Wrong — Trump Could be Reelected!!

Surprisingly – despite all his failures to foresee and deal with the unfolding crisis—Trump has grown more popular in several recent polls.

That unfortunate reality today is amazing, but is, sadly, firmly grounded in the old Goebbels theory that a lie repeated often enough begins to be believed and becomes a form of pseudo reality to very many under-informed people.

There are two things that can be done NOW to deal with that problem.

Mike Bloomberg promised when he left the Presidential race that he would do everything he could to ensure that Biden be elected.

To that end, now is the time for Bloomberg to redeploy his powerful advertising team to tell the real story of Trump’s bungled coronavirus response, beginning now and running right through the election. He need not promote (or even mention) Biden at all. All he needs to do is tell the story, which is allowable as an independent expenditure.

No one needs me to detail that story. Trump did nothing to anticipate the problem, though he was allegedly well informed about the outbreak in China. Yet he repeatedly ignored and lied about what he learned. Now, he’s trying to claim up to 200,000 deaths as a great victory. CNN has all that in its archives.

That materiel needs to be presented simply, clearly and repetitively on Fox, CNN, and the networks – anywhere Donald Trump’s daily parade of lies and misinformation finds a captive audience. Trump’s own words can be juxtaposed to the indisputable real story/facts. Doing so effectively requires the kind of inspiration and money that Bloomberg poured into his presidential run.

The second thing that now begins to be clearer is that Biden should very seriously consider the aspects of his VP selection, relating to this crisis in particular, as well as their preparedness to step into the Presidency on a moment’s notice. He must reassure all Americans with his VP pick, who could help him from day one. Pence has done a calm job, except for his obsequiousness, and has made Trump look better than the facts warrant.

But it’s of more immediate import to start getting the truth out, before Trump’s unique capability to twist the facts to his own ends redefines his preposterous performance as a magnificent success.

If we are not able to do that, God help America.

So far, though, God has not seemed to be paying a lot of attention. I hope he’s not stuck on one of those cruise ships…


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