The Well Hidden Truth About Trump

My last blog has revealed a couple of fascinating things.

First, there IS some interest in trying to spread Dump Trump BUTTONS to unify Americans quietly with a simple, single message. I look forward to feedback which I will share with you.  In the meanwhile, we have a few more buttons still available, if you are interested in being part of testing the waters.

In other Trump news this week: The new Michael Wolff book Fire and Fury looks literally amazing and may produce some new hot sparks. Meanwhile, Yale psychology professor Dr. Brandy X. Lee is adding her professional standing to a 25th Amendment process.

Somewhat surprisingly at the same time, the DOW is at 25,000 and there has been a further drop in the unemployment rate.

With today’s overall uncertainties we would not typically expect to see ever-rising securities values and continued improvement in employment rates, particularly with the entire social and values related reputational damage being done everywhere. How and why is that happening?

It is well known and widely accepted that “markets never lie”—which simply means that facts are facts and markets, which are an amalgam of millions of peoples’ views of their worlds filtered through a financial lens, speak an opaque form of truth, if we are lucky enough to interpret the message correctly. That sometimes is NOT easy or obvious.

When it comes to their money, people vote with their feet. They either run away from risk or they run to it. At the moment it seems they are NOT seeing great risks?

Thus, one view of what the market is telling us today is that a lot of us have the big picture all wrong and Trump is right as rain and will pour endless peace and riches down on us all. This despite the damage he is doing to most other American values—economic and social.

(He, of course, will tweet that long and loud. OMG!)

The other much more likely meaning, in my mind, is that the market is telling us “HE REALLY IS IRRELEVANT” to America’s economic fabric, which is the very last thing he will ever want to hear or believe.

The “non-lying” market may be simply telling us that he is only a passing bad dream. People are, or should be, basically ignoring him—which may be why it has been so hard to mobilize the 70% of the population who oppose him.

People everywhere are doubling down in their own lives, working harder and better AND when Trump finally is gone, we will all see that we have been enjoying, since the beginning of 2017, the real aftermath of Obama’s amazing eight years of economic recovery from the depths of the recession.

That revelation—if it turns out to be accurate—may be that Trump cannot/will not take us into a crazy, unnecessary war and that our democracy can financially and economically run on auto pilot, at least for a time.

The geniuses of the markets’ wisdom—if correctly understood—have long been an amazing and surprising source of important guidance?

The country has been endlessly shown that there is really no reason to take Trump seriously, so it should come as no surprise that that fact itself has led to widespread belief that he is in fact truly irrelevant.

Let’s be sure to keep it that way!


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