How to Age and Die Comfortably

I am NOT going to tell you how to age and die comfortably.

Having never done so, I know about the subject primarily from my son in law, Dr. Sam Harrington, whose new book At Peace: Choosing A Good Death After a Long Life is now available on Amazon and in bookstores!

Like most of you, I have read Atul Gawande’s books. If you like his work, then you will find Dr. Harrington’s book fascinating and helpful.

Dr. Harrington’s book is a bit more granular about many particular aspects of aging and medicine and how to deal with those parts of life.

I think the essence of the book is that in many cases less medicine often enables better quality of life in one’s remaining years to an almost perfect death where you “wake up in heaven”.

If you think it sounds intriguing, you can download the introduction for free and listen to his recent appearances on NPR through his website!

I am proudly breaking my ironclad rule NOT to promote anything for anybody, partly because Harrington is such a good guy BUT also because I truly believe you will find the book important, interesting, and worthwhile.


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