One Person at a Time

Is what it will take to deal with global warming

Global warming is as reliably predictable as the daily sunrise. Virtually all bona fide scientists around the world agree on that FACT [hereinafter FACT should be taken as the reference to the science of global warming].

Despite that, our political processes cannot agree on any realistic plan to seriously address the inevitable scientific consequences later in this very century, because far too many people in energy businesses fear the effect of inevitable costs and disruptions on their vested interests.

For example, the oil, coal and gas worlds fight against the FACT with massive amounts of money, lobbying and the spread of poisonous and untrue information.

At the same time there are a growing number of ordinary folks who have finally learned about the true problem and are now justifiably afraid of the consequences that they will bequeath to their children and grandchildren IF they fail to do something effective NOW.

Organizing those many people to simply match the lobbying power of big, rich vested counter interests is not likely now to be very effective the way things are today.

Still, there is something that millions upon millions of people everywhere can do which would both begin to cut back the rate of growth of warming as well as strengthen the hands of people at large with more political clout over time.

And that ‘something’ is simple, easy and would save people money.

Think of the energy savings IF everyone with a car or truck made a conscious effort to cut back 5% of their daily weekly driving.

Think of the energy savings if everyone cut back just a small bit of the water they utilize daily.

Think of the energy savings by cutting back slightly on their weekly shopping.

Think of the energy savings, if people went a tiny bit less frequently to the movies or out to eat.

I am NOT a scientist or statistician, BUT I know enough to know that the aggregate of such a program could/would be quite significant and powerful in reducing the rate of growth of warming AND would also increase the awareness behavior of all economic counterparties in the process.

As we are failing at the moment to convince our politicians to take realistic steps to address the FACT, if we in effect ‘vote’ with our own two feet and pocketbooks as suggested above, we might yet get the process of saving our precious future and world underway and the politicians might yet hear us more clearly and loudly.


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