Find a neighborhood kid and give him a job!

We have a 26-year-old neighborhood kid who was laid off from his hotel kitchen cooking job. He hates having nothing to do but watching TV and sleeping.

I do not know about you guys out there, but there are always things that need to get done. Clean out the basement; organize storage better; help with food preparation etc.

The words were barely out of my wife’s mouth before our kid jumped into action. We are going to pay about $20/hour and will keep him busy a few hours a day, we hope and think.

We do not think of this as charity but as an opportunity to help in a crisis and ourselves at the same time.

I decided to go public with this idea, perhaps prematurely because I have no results to report.

But, if enough fortunate people across the country try it out, we can all contribute to getting the country back on its feet.

And such people can feel good about proactively doing something besides paying their taxes?


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